Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Chesapeake Bay Magazine (CBM) is a print and online publication focused on Bay lifestyle and culture and informs readers about the Bay’s social, environmental, and economic happenings. A longstanding print magazine that recently expanded into digital, CBM needed assistance in growing beyond existing older consumers to curate a younger brand image and reach millennials.  

Campaign Overview

Together, we established several goals including: creating a new, vibrant website, developing a youth-oriented social media strategy, expanding Facebook reach through youth-friendly content, and creating high quality content for Instagram, YouTube and other platforms. Specifically, we leveraged our creative and research capabilities to develop and implement a complete strategy that achieved the following:

CBM Computer.jpg

Web Redesign

We designed, built and initially maintained a dynamic, multi-page website focused on high quality content, striking visuals and attracting a younger audience. Average website visits rose nearly 300% (less than 20,000 per month to over 90,000 and counting)

cbm insta.jpg

We identified relevant hashtags and successful accounts with similar offerings and targeted their followers, and curated visual content to draw interest. In addition to providing photographic content, we devised a plan for staff and community photographers to periodically "take over” the platform thus showcasing consistent, high level content and developing a new, targeted following. Instagram following grew over 2000% (0 to over 2,000 and counting)

cbm fb.jpg

We developed a strategy and weekly content calendar focused on the varying elements of Bay life and pulled shareable web content to populate their social pages. Diversifying their content, paired with introduction of video content and streaming Facebook Live videos of boat shows enabled us to showcase CBM’s offerings and established a voice and presence that drew interest from younger consumers. Facebook following grew over 150% (less than 5,000 to over 13,000 and counting)