Council Fire is a global management consultancy that helps purpose-driven organizations thrive by creating lasting economic, social and environmental value. We listen to, collaborate with, and empower our clients to develop and implement customized strategies informed by insightful data-driven analysis, innovative and effective stakeholder engagement, creative and powerful branding and communications that drive fast action, and a system of continuous learning and adaptation to sustain organizational success.

Campaign Overview

Together, we established several goals including: creating a new, vibrant website, developing a visually stunning social media strategy, expanding client reach through user generated content selected to build the mission driven brand image, and creating high quality video content for Instagram, YouTube and other platforms. Specifically, we leveraged our creative and research capabilities to develop and implement a complete strategy that achieved the following:

cf portfolio site.jpg

Web Redesign

We designed, built and maintain a dynamic, multi-page website focused on high quality content, striking visuals and attracting a younger audience. Average website visits have already risen nearly 100%


We identified relevant hashtags and successful accounts with similar offerings and targeted their followers, and curated visual content to draw interest. In addition to providing photographic content, we devised a plan for a user generated content campaign thus showcasing consistent, high level content and developing a new, targeted following. Instagram following has already risen over 800%


Analytics are the key behind any successful digital campaign. Keeping track of the growth, interactions, and leads generated through marketing efforts is a key element to success. Where is your money going and what is the return on your investment? We track the analytics and assess trends to determine which content and strategies are generating the most interactions and eventual leads